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The Global Metals Standard

World Metal Reserve

World Metal Reserve (WMR) is an Amsterdam based, Dutch and European Union governed entity for: certification, registration, storage, shipping, and trade of precious and base metals including gold, silver and platinum.

High integrity

The decision to make the capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam, the headquarters of World Metal Reserve (WMR) was established because of its critically-acclaimed international status. In the 17th century, the Dutch were the first to make trading in precious metals possible. In recent times, the Dutch have reformatted regulations; creating some of the strictest and most transparent regulations for bullions, and more. We are proud to have WMR governed under the Dutch and European laws as it gives WMR a head start to become the #1 gold standard resource in the world.

1. Precious Metals

World Metal Reserve offers traders and investors essential pre-investment information about precious metals from all over the world.

2. Market Data

World Metal Reserve provides crucial data for investors to use for their business strategies.

3. Expert Advisory

In the precious metal market, there is nothing more important than accurate real-time data, especially for investors. Over the years, WMR’s in-house precious metal experts have built a solid global network of highly experienced traders and distributors. Our members can exclusively benefit from their collective knowledge and insights of the valuable market data.

4. WMR Pricing Advisory

The WMR Pricing Model Advisory is based on global trading activities. It calculates volume weighted averages of trades which have been transacted through Ophir.

WMR Clearing

WMR Clearing is our in-house clearing desk.
The WMR clearing desk uses the latest technologies and monitoring systems to ensure that deliveries are transacted to the appropriate parties. Our fees are marginal, and the lowest in the industry.

Key attributes

• Live liability, positioning and collateral monitoring
• EMIR compliant
• Marginal costs
• Daily reports including fees

Safety, Security and Sustainability

We value safety above all. This is why we think strategically and act long term, meaning that all physical metals are stored in only the best – secured vaults with selected banks and bonded warehouses all over the world.


What is the world’s oldest, and still the most popular safe haven for investors to stall funds? Indeed, it is gold. It has been this way for thousands of years and will continue on this path for many more years to come. Gold, in the long term, is proven to be immune to geo-political instabilities, market crashes, and any other imaginable collective negative sentiment.

In this first half of 2020, the world is experiencing a crisis that no one in our lifetime has ever experienced before. A global crisis like this is a trigger for individuals to convert their assets into gold. Our team took note of the events that recently took place, their economic effects, and saw an sharp increase of high net-worth clients that seeked consultations with the World Metal Reserve regarding strategic decision-making, and to filter different platforms available for purchasing gold.

Gold: An Investor’s Safe Haven

For centuries, practical investors have been aware of the importance of gold as a long term investment. In addition to wealth diversification, gold has also been renowned to be a safe haven, offering historically proven and time-tested insurance, and protection against turbulent economic periods.

Gold is expected to rally gains this year, as investor demand continues to rise. This is partly induced by global fears of major economic crises. An example is the event wherein the United Kingdom officially left the European Union, known as Brexit, continues to add uncertainty in trading markets as crucial subjects are yet to be resolved; applying pressure on Pound Sterling. In conclusion, now may possibly be an ideal time to invest in gold bullion.


The practice of safekeeping is the storage of assets or other items of value like gold, silver, and platinum in a highly-secured area. Generally, individuals are inclined to place their financial assets in proper safekeeping, and so should you. To do so, you may use self-directed methods of safekeeping or make use of the services provided by WMR. We have direct access to the world’s renowned brokerages and custodians. Each of them are legally responsible for all items in safekeeping. Our direct custodians generally hold valuables for investors while a depository can assume additional control, liability, and responsibility for the aforementioned items in storage.

Understanding Supply Chain Protocols

It is important to always fully understand and monitor the supply chain protocols. This is the reason the World Metal Reserve is actively exploring the groundbreaking opportunities of blockchain technology where every single step in the supply chain is to be recorded, spontaneously incapable of being tampered with. Please ask us for more information if you are interested; we are working with the world’s highest rated blockchain companies and experts to get this on track for our community.

We at WMR are old school gold experts; however, we embrace anything that adds value to your precious metal investments. We offer our members the opportunity to make their registrations even more personal and unique - your gold with your own personalized hallmark. There will never be another bullion anywhere in the world with the same hallmark. Register here and explore your opportunities to have your family name, guild, or other unique hallmark for your asset.

Members privilege exclusive

WMR is rapidly setting the world’s standard for precious metals in. Why? Because we believe WMR exclusive members need more than just average market data and regulations which often are designed to serve selected financial institutions instead of keeping the needs and safety of investors in mind. We are here to give our respected members access to important markets and opportunities, anywhere in the world. In line with that we share essential information with our WMR exclusive members to being able to make responsable, well considered choices.

Bullion Banks

WMR operates globally and is fully independent. This gives us the freedom to select and work with the best bullion banks in the world. As a premium WMR member, you benefit from this. The WMR team continuously scans the bullion market, and has direct contact with bullion banks to make sure our members receive updated and accurate information.

The financial institutions WMR closely works with are located in financial market hot spots all over the globe like Amsterdam. This solid network of experts and dedicated partners is continuously expanding to provide a seamless experience for individuals dealing in precious metals through WMR.